Cushion-cut diamond engagement rings are appealing for a variety of reasons. Cushion-cut stones have a distinctive form and rounded corners that increase the facet size, giving them an attractive and sophisticated shine. 

These stones are classic and flexible, and they look great alone or in a halo or three-stone setting. Furthermore, no two cushion-cut diamonds are the same. Others rocks are rounder, while others are more square-shaped, and some even have an oval shape.

The Modern Cushion Cut Diamond’s History 

Brazil became one of the world’s top producers after the Indian diamond mines became dry in the early 1700s. Diamonds were discovered in South Africa years later, earning the Brazilian mines the nickname “Old Mines.” Brazilian stone cutters desired to improve carat retention when cutting roughs, thus they developed the Old Mine Cut, a specific 58-facet cut. The Old Mine diamond-cut had a square shape with rounded edges, a huge crown, a small table, a deep pavilion, and a massive culet, and was widely used in the period. 

The modern cushion cut evolved from the Old Mine cut, but it also drew inspiration from other antique diamond shapes.

Modified and Standard Cushion Cuts

As you can see, the distinctions between Standard and Modified Cushions are subtle and technical. Their impact on the look of a stone is also limited. History is the only thing that truly distinguishes the two. The Standard Cushions are more traditional cutting techniques, whilst the Modified Cushions are essentially updated versions of the original cushion cut facet designs.

Pros and Cons 

Cushion-cut diamonds have a timeless and traditional appeal that no other shape can match, thanks to their gentle, rounded edges. They’re also the cut with the most fire and dispersion. Cushion-cut diamond engagement rings are ideal for folks who enjoy the colored bursts of light that a diamond produces. 

Cushions, however, have a disadvantage. They have a smaller face-up size than most forms because they are one of the deepest cuts. That means you should opt for a stone that is slightly larger in carat weight.

Cushion Cut Diamond Characteristics

Here are some of the distinguishing characteristics of a cushion-cut diamond:

Shape Attraction  

Cushion-cut diamonds can be almost round or almost square. You’ll want one with rounded corners and slightly curved sides that’s in the middle of the pack. To see the diamond’s shape properly, you’ll need a decent photograph of it. Don’t buy it if the shape appears to be off. A laboratory report will not inform you about shape.

Cushion-Cut Diamonds’ Best Color 

While the diamond’s cut quality is the most essential component in its attractiveness, you should also examine the color grade. Cushion shapes display more color than round brilliants, but their brightness and dispersion aid to conceal color. 

Stick to a color grade of H or higher for a cushion-cut diamond set in a white gold engagement ring. If you’re on a budget, you can get away with I or even J color diamonds and still have a white look.

I and J hue diamonds will provide you a better pricing point in rose gold and yellow gold rings while still seeming white. Cushions in the K color family will have a faint tinge, which works nicely with vintage aesthetics.

3 Reasons to Purchase a Cushion Cut Engagement Ring  

  1. Cushion-cut diamonds have more fire. 

The cushion-cut has bigger facets, resulting in more fire and a bright sparkling effect that many people enjoy. 

  1. Cushion-cut diamonds are less expensive. 

Cushion diamonds are cheaper than round brilliants since there is less raw loss when cutting them. 

  1. Cushion Cuts Offer a Distinctive and Long-Lasting Shape 

Cushion-cut Diamonds, like the round-cut, are still a popular choice, although they’re a little different. They are less prone to chipping because of their somewhat rounded edges. 

Looking for a Cushion-cut Diamond? 

We understand that there are many aspects to consider while searching for a diamond ring and that this can be intimidating for someone who has never done it before. That is why our professionals are here to assist you.

We’ll assist you in deciding between numerous Cushion Cut styles, evaluating diamond clarity, cut quality, and other critical aspects, and matching it to a setting to create the perfect engagement ring for your special someone.

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