There are several forms of diamond cuts, and hence they are known to be quite special. The rare cut diamonds are also called branded diamond cuts. They are quite pricey and have been determined as exclusive pieces. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend for several reasons. 

Diamonds are precious and look beautiful on everyone. However, to choose a rare piece of diamond, you need to know much more about it. 

Therefore, today we will mention the other types of rarest cut diamonds. 

What is the rarest cut of diamonds?

Some of the types of rare cut diamonds are as follows.

Asprey cut diamond 

Asprey cut diamond looks quite similar to the cushion-shaped diamond cut in the first look. However, if it is looked at carefully with much observation, you might notice that it is unique from the latter type.

Diamond expert Gabi Tolkowsky introduced this rare diamond cut. This cut is crafted by hand, and no machinery is involved. It looks modern and has a brilliant ability for light reflection. 

Eighty-eight cut diamonds 

If you are someone who believes in wearing diamond rings for a good fate, then eighty-eight cut diamonds are ideal. The style of this rare diamond is known to be an octagon. The facets available in the diamond are known to be around 88. The differential point of this rare diamond cut is based on its octagonal shape. Hence, you can easily get an idea of how unique this rare diamond cut shape is. 

Ashoka cut diamond 

The other type of rare diamond cut is known as Ashoka cut diamond. It is the new modification of the cushion cut diamond. This has been adjusted in a rectangular shape with much softer edges. It was introduced by William Goldberg. It weighs around 41.37 carats and is known to look beautiful on everyone. To get this rare shape of a diamond, it needs to be cut into 62 facets. 

Jubilee cut diamond

This diamond cut is rare and a vintage diamond cut. A jubilee cut diamond has a very special shape and carries some of the most important characteristics. Some of the special qualities of this rare cut diamond are the lacking of a flat table and the presence of 8 facets on the upper surface. 

This diamond was introduced in the 20th century for the honoring of Queen Victoria on her 50th anniversary. Hence, it explains why it is one of the oldest and rarest diamond cuts. 

Criss cut diamond

This diamond cut shape is also among the topmost rarest diamond cut. It has unique and different facets. This diamond cut was a result of a mistake. As it was discovered while cutting an emerald diamond shape. 

Therefore, some people might get confused with both shapes. While the criss cut diamond has only 77 facets, whereas the emerald diamond cut has about 44 facets. It has a very bright shine to it. 


Diamonds are beautiful and look elegant. To choose the rarest pieces in the diamond cut, you need to have a piece of good knowledge. Hence, to know more about the rare cut diamonds, refer to the mentioned details.

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